Let's make that easier for you.

What's the service?

We help you wholesale cannabis and strategically plan wholesale transactions to maximize your revenue, reduce your risk and make the wholesaling process easier. We’re in the business of building sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships and strong supply chains.

When you work with Craft Depot, you get a dedicated sales and marketing team working with you to help organize, expedite and ease the deal process along the way.

Who do we work with?

We work with Licensed Producers (LPs) including micro-cultivators, standard cultivators and processors. We also work with cannabis brand houses.

What does Craft Depot do?


Selling? We help you market your products to our network of 120+ LPs.


Buying? We help you find high-potency, unique lots from cultivators that are like-minded and match your goals.


Build the deal. Once we’ve found the right fit for you, we cut out the back and forth and work quickly to get an offer that works for all parties.


Expedite the deal. We help avoid missed information and redundant emails and errors by facilitating and managing document transfer for both parties.


We check back in. We make sure you’re satisfied and then do it all over again.