Let's make that easier for you.

We’re not cannabis brokers.
We’re a full service sales agency.

We do more than just make email introductions. We work as an extension of your sales team, bringing you great deals and helping you build lasting, sustainable supply chains in the cannabis industry. We make sure the Licensed Producers we work with find the right products and business partners for long term success, and we organize and expedite the deal process along the way.

Why work with us

Mitigate your risk

Avoid making costly, time consuming errors. We know which groups are good to work with and have successful track records. We help all of our clients:

  • Avoid conflicts
  • Avoid cultivar redundancy
  • Ensure a consistent supply of the materials required
  • Ensure the groups they work with have shared perspectives, values and strategies for long term success

Scale quickly

We have a unique, birds eye view of the wholesale cannabis market. We know what’s in demand, what the market is saturated with, pricing information, and where the biggest opportunities in the market are right now. We bring you the best deals for your business.

Buy and sell strategically

Get a competitive edge on the market. We share insights, information and wholesaling strategies to position you for long term success based on our experience completing 570+ wholesale cannabis transactions to date (as of May 1, 2024).

We don’t work with just anyone

We focus on entire supply chain sustainability and longevity using proven and successful strategies developed by our experienced team. We only work with Licensed Producers and brand houses we believe in.

Why should you trust us?

We’re successful only when both our buyers and sellers are successful. We’re in the business of building long term, sustainable relationships with our network.

We work with you as much or as little as you like. The more you rely on us and our services, the more opportunity and value we bring to you.

What does Craft Depot do?


Selling? We help you sell and market your products to the best buyers based on your long term goals.


Buying? Buy strategically for long term success. We help you plan your wholesale purchases and bring you high-potency, unique products and great deals from LPs that are like-minded and fit your goals.


Build the deal. Once you’ve found the best deal, we cut out the back and forth and work quickly to get an offer that works for all parties.


Expedite the deal. Avoid missed information and redundant emails and errors by facilitating and managing document transfer for both parties. We ensure every deal is efficient, smooth and organized to create long lasting business relationships.


We check back in. We make sure you’re satisfied and then do it all over again.